Fedora 22 Beautiful in Stall.

The Fedora 22 alpha installer is beautiful.  The design is clean, intuitive, and graphically pleasing.  I’m not much of a Fedora fan, but I’m trying it out in a virtual machine right now, and I’m impressed.

The only negative of the installer is that it doesn’t always seem to give a good indication of when it’s doing background work.  I clicked the “Done” button after verifying the drive partitioning, and thought the installer was hung.  I clicked on the button several more times to no effect.  Then, convinced myself it must be doing something because the cursor was moving slowly.  It took several minutes to finally return to the main installer screen.

Perhaps this problem only presents itself in VirtualBox, and activity would be more obvious and/or performant on real hardware.  I wasn’t really expecting it to be doing *anything* in the background, because I was verifying the drive information, and had not yet hit the “Begin Installation” button.

The only other things to do were name the machine and set up the default user, which also seemed a little slow… but were understandable because I could see it was installing/copying files at the same time at the bottom of the screen.

The installer finished in relatively decent time, without any issues, and said I can reboot.  And after rebooting, the VM won’t start at all.  It’s dead.

Beautiful.  Just beautiful.