Galactic Progress – v0.05

I haven’t wasted too much time on this play project, but I did add a few new things to it during my commute in the last few weeks:

  • Powerups
    • 5 second Shield
    • Rapid fire
    • Dual fire
    • Rebuild Bunker
  • Internal Armada Editor (still in progress)
    • No GTK# in this one, so should work cross-platform with no pre-requisites.
  • Some animations and transitions
    • Aliens fly into starting positions
    • Menus scroll onto and off of screen
    • Bunkers get rebuilt from bottom to top.
  • Pause menu
  • Wider perspective
    • Added room for various stats and stuff that will be needed for the future types of levels I have in mind.

Galactic Aggressors_005 Galactic Aggressors_006