I’ve been really busy the last few weeks, taking a few more classes through Coursera.  So, the only thing semi-game related I’ve done is try to figure out how to get multiple types of GTK# CellRenderers into a NodeView for the Galactic Aggressors in-game level editor.  The idea was that some cells need to just be text boxes, while others should be restricted to a list in a dropdown-combo box.

This turned out to be a huge pain in the ass with GTK#.

I wouldn’t have dreamed that such a pervasive (every properties box in the world does this) and basic thing would require as much code (I have to override and create my own CellRenderer?  There’s not already a standard one that everyone uses?) and be totally undocumented, but it did and it was.  I’ve created a simplified example and put the code up at, to save others the time I wasted figuring it out.