DragonBox Pyra

The DragonBox Pyra looks very interesting.

It sounds like Evil Dragon’s learned a lot from the Pandora fiasco. I was on the Pandora pre-paid waiting list for several years and followed the drama on their boards during the time before and immediately after they started shipping.

The one thing I didn’t hear in the video was a target price – which I have to assume will be close to the Pandora, if not higher. The Pandora and Pyra are in a weird niche where most of the people who want them are either too young to afford them, or old enough to already afford/own more powerful laptops that they already use for emulation and Linux. It seems that the majority of emulation/Linux aficionados would be more likely to buy the much less expensive and nicer form-factor GCW Zero to fill that gap in their utility belt – even if it is way less powerful.

Still, I wish ED nothing but success with it – and I’ll take a harder look at the DBP when it gets to production and has firm pricing.