Friday Update

With work and everything else going on, I didn’t find much time to work on Galactic Aggressors, FNA, or LDEngine this week (again).  In fact, I didn’t really do anything on FNA or LDEngine for the last week or two.  :\

I’ve only done a little more work on GA.  Yesterday I added the ability to drag, copy, and paste aliens in the in-game editor (I still really should add an Undo buffer).  I also added the Export function last week.  And, I added a third level of aliens a couple of days back.  This new level features aliens I created from scratch, unlike the previous Space Invader and Space Armada levels.

Today, I spent just a little time prying the reusable GA Engine logic away from the game logic.  I had promised myself to not creating yet another engine, yet I want to make the code that’s specific to the game easier to parse and modify.  I’m sure I haven’t thought everything out, structure-wise, to the level of as LDEngine – so I’m planning on moving everything to that engine in time.  However, there are a few functional items that I have developed further than what is available in LDEngine, like my TexturePacker Atlas support.  So, maybe I’ll break the existing code apart and make it into its own engine.. but only as an exercise towards abstracting the reusable chunks into something I can contribute to LDEngine.