Handmade Hero

Check this out:  http://handmadehero.org.

Casey Muratori, whose Witness work I may have previously linked, is livestreaming the creation of a game over the course of the next year or two.  It’s written in C/C++ with no external libraries.  I’ve already been sucked in.

While most of the stream is so far has been about Windows APIs that I find to be completely outdated and wouldn’t touch with a 10′ pole (I wish he’d just started with SDL as the foundation instead), Casey has a lot of interesting experiences mixed into the commentary.  And, I’ve already learned of at least two things that Visual Studio does that I never noticed in all the time I used it.

So, if you like watching someone type super-fast into emacs, and a lot of talk about low-level games programming, check it out.

David Gow has a complimentary Handmade Penguin site, for those like myself that prefer to develop on Linux and with cross-platform APIs.