I meant to finish up the menuing classes in my simple game engine this weekend, I really did… Then, I received a free 7 day pass into the Landmark closed beta.  I started poking at it because I was curious as to whether or not it would run with Wine, and unfortunately it mostly does.  Unfortunate for my free time, that is.

It turns out that while the installer is 32-bit, the Landmark client is 64-bit,   To use it with Linux, you have to build a shared WoW64 Wine as per the instructions here:  I already had a chroot for building wine, so it didn’t take long to get everything going.

In order to get the game to run with Wine, you’ll have to set the graphics level to “Low”.  Oddly, you can then go to the custom screen and turn most of the individual items like models and textures back up to their highest.

The only real caveat is that the middle mouse wheel doesn’t work under Wine.  There are some workarounds with key remapping in posts on WineHQ, but I found I could play a good deal of the game without using the wheel at all.

I’m not sure what NDAs are still in effect, if any.  They watermark the screen with your character name, but since they sell access to the beta and there are a lot of YouTube videos showing the gameplay, I would’nt think they have too many restrictions still in effect.