QTSixA has me really confused.  I used it, and sixad, to configure/pair a PS3 controller to my Linux dev box.  While things work fine via USB, I’m getting wonky results when using bluetooth.

Linux understands USB-connected PS3 controllers natively, QTSixA is only useful bluetooth as I understand it.  The problem is, none of the buttons act like they’re mapped correctly in my test project.  Digital Down = back, Back = back, nothing = start…  It just doesn’t seem to work in the program.

Oddly, if I bring up KDE system settings / Input devices / Joysticks and press the buttons on a USB controller and a bluetooth controller, the mappings all look the same!  There’s something I don’t grok going on here…

Another weird thing is that when I had both gamepads connected (one bluetooth, one USB) my test program seemed to think they were both gamepad 1.  Weird.