Just a test/demo project I’m making while experimenting with XNA/MonoGame/FNA.  All development was done under Linux, but it should compile/run fine on Windows and Mac.

My plan is (should I not get bored with the idea) to add successive levels representing other space shooters (Galaga, Phoenix, etc.)… sort of like a modern Gorf.

I started out making a pixel/behavior perfect replica of Space Invaders.

  • All alien, bomb/missile, explosion sprites match original silhouettes.
  • One alien processed/moved per update, so it has same cascade effect as arcade instead of the smooth motion of most remakes.
  • Last alien moves left 1/3rd slower than right, like arcade.
  • All three bomb types, where most clones only have one.
  • Background music speeds up at same rate as arcade..
  • Saucer points depend on how many times player has fired.

Then I started adding enhancements:

  • 4 player concurrent multiplayer (local, no network yet).
  • Colorized everything instead of making color dictated by screen position (arcade game was black & white with color overlays).
  • Made a particle class for alien explosions (no actual physics engine yet).
  • Windowed and fullscreen modes: Everything’s rendered to a target at actual resolution then scaled to whatever output is desired.

There are a lot of other enhancements to be done, this is only a couple of days actual work. Most of the time was spent on coming up with my own texture manager and sprite/mob classes that simplify loading TexturePacker spritesheets. Adding new assets is now dead simple.